University of Tubingen


Measured variables color
Operating system windows, mac, linux
Licence freeware
Automation level semi-automated
Plant requirements rosette
Export formats excell
Other information

Scientific article(s)

A guideline for leaf senescence analyses: from quantification to physiological and molecular investigations
Justine Bresson, Stefan Bieker, Lena Riester, Jasmin Doll, Ulrike Zentgraf
Journal of Experimental Botany, 2017 View paper

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ACA is based on grouping of each pixel of a picture depending on its position in the hue saturation value (HSV) colour-space. Leaves were individually separated in single images using a semi-automatically ImageJ macro. Each pixel inside a leaf was then clustered into one of the following categories: green, green-yellow, yellow, brown, purple or unknown, using a R-script. ACA can be used in a non-invasive manner at the whole-rosette level, or in detached leaves. Non-invasive application on whole-rosettes also allows pre-screening of many plant lines before starting with detailed phenotyping of selected lines, or even the use of automated phenotyping platforms.

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