Benjamin Delory


Measured variables data-analysis, data-visualization
Operating system windows, mac, linux
Licence open-source, freeware
Automation level automated
Plant requirements any
Export formats csv
Other information Requires DART or RSML datafiles as input to work

Scientific article(s)

archiDART v3.0: A new data analysis pipeline allowing the topological analysis of plant root systems
Benjamin M. Delory,Mao Li,Christopher N. Topp,Guillaume Lobet
F1000Research, 2018 View paper

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In order to analyse root system architectures (RSAs) from captured images, a variety of manual (e.g. Data Analysis of Root Tracings, DART), semi-automated and fully automated software packages have been developed. These tools offer complementary approaches to study RSAs and the use of the Root System Markup Language (RSML) to store RSA data makes the comparison of measurements obtained with different (semi-) automated root imaging platforms easier. The throughput of the data analysis process using exported RSA data, however, should benefit greatly from batch analysis in a generic data analysis environment (R software).

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