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Measured variables cell-size
Operating system windows, mac, linux
Licence open-source, freeware
Automation level manual
Plant requirements any, longitudinal section
Export formats txt
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Scientific article(s)

Identifying biological landmarks using a novel cell measuring image analysis tool: Cell-o-Tape
Andrew P French, Michael H Wilson, Kim Kenobi, Daniela Dietrich, Ute Voss, Susana Ubeda-Tomas, Tony P Pridmore, Darren M Wells
Plant Methods, 2012 View paper

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Cell-o-Tape a tool to count and measure individual neighbouring cells along a defined file in confocal laser scanning microscope images. The tool allows the user to extract this information, and builds on the raw data to detect a significant change in cell length along the file. This facility can be used, for example, to provide an estimate of the position of transition into the elongation zone of an Arabidopsis root, traditionally a location sensitive to the subjectivity of the experimenter.

Source: Cell-o-Tape website (CPIB)

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