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Measured variables length, topology, insertion
Operating system windows, mac, linux
Licence freeware
Automation level manual
Plant requirements mature, any
Export formats txt
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Scientific article(s)

DART: a software to analyse root system architecture and development from captured images
Jacques Le Bot, Valérie Serra, José Fabre, Xavier Draye, Stéphane Adamowicz, Loïc Pagès
Plant and Soil, 2009 View paper

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DART (Data Analysis of Root Tracings) is freeware based on human vision to identify roots, particularly across time-series. Each root is described by a series of topologyed links encapsulating specific information and is connected to other roots. The population of links constitutes the RSA. DART creates a comprehensive dataset ready for individual or global analyses and this can display root growth sequences along time.DART helps in studying RSA and in producing structured and flexible datasets of individual root growth parameters. It is written in JAVA and relies on manual procedures to minimize the risks of errors and biases in datasets.

Source: Le Bot et al. (2010) Plant and Soil, 326(1-2), 261–273

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