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Measured variables length, insertion-angle, n-branches, insertion, topology
Operating system windows
Licence freeware
Automation level semi-automated
Plant requirements arabidopsis
Export formats SQL database
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Scientific article(s)

EZ-Rhizo: integrated software for the fast and accurate measurement of root system architecture
Patrick Armengaud,Kevin Zambaux,Adrian Hills,Ronan Sulpice,Richard J. Pattison,Michael R. Blatt,Anna Amtmann
The Plant Journal, 2008 View paper

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EZ-Rhizo software enables the analysis of images of roots grown on two-dimensional media such as agar plates. The software provides a semi-automated system for root detection, measurement of multiple parameters relevant to the root architecture, data storage and data analysis. It is ideally suited for developmental and phenotypic descriptions of individual plants and plant species, accessions, and mutants, and of growth under varying nutritional and environmental conditions. The program facilitates new research perspectives in the areas of functional genomics, breeding and QTL analysis, and in predictive analysis of plant performance.

Source: EZ-Rhizo website

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