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Measured variables length, width, perimeter, shape, surface
Operating system windows, mac, matlab
Licence on-demand
Automation level automated
Plant requirements any
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Scientific article(s)

leafprocessor: a new leaf phenotyping tool using contour bending energy and shape cluster analysis
Andreas Backhaus, Asuka Kuwabara, Marion Bauch, Nick Monk, Guido Sanguinetti, Andrew Fleming
New Phytologist, 2010 View paper

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LeafProcessor software was developed to give biologists and plant breeders a tool that evaluates different leaf geometries. Core software functions: - **Organization**: The software fully organizes image data generated in an experiment sorted in keeping with experimental conditions. - **Segmentation**: Leaves in an image are segmented and marked automatically. - **Shape attributes**: The software supplies a number of individual attributes with which shapes can be marked manually. - **Cluster analysis**: Leaves can be automatically combined into groups with highly similar shapes. - **Classification**: Based on the shape attributes, classification models can be generated and validated to automatically identify plant species or genotypes. - **Regression**: Regressions models can be created to evaluate available quantitative response variables based on shape. The software has been used by biologists to obtain important findings about the mechanisms of leaf growth, e.g. based on the distribution of cell division.

Source: Leaf Processor website

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