Measured variables convex-hull, surface
Operating system windows
Licence commercial
Automation level automated
Plant requirements arabidopsis, monocot
Export formats unknown
Other information Comes with the Scanalyzer HTS system by LemnaTec

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LemnaGrid is the image analysis component developed by LemnaTec to address these specific needs in phenotyping. The image analysis is graphically represented as a process chain and can be subsequently saved as a LemnaTec image analysis Grid. Each Grid is constructed of Grid Devices, where a device is the graphical representation of an algorithm, e.g. loading an image from the database, applying a threshold etc.. Each Grid therefore starts with the Device to load the image and ends with the Device saving the result into the database. The construction of the Grid is performed via drag and drop of the Devices and connecting them to the chain. Once the chain is complete it can be used to automatically analyze all images of an experiment in the background. After acquiring the images it is crucial to extract all data for later statistical analysis. This task can be accomplished without knowledge about any programming languages. The 4 main steps to extract the parameters are, Load Images, find the object, calculate phonotypical properties and save them to the database.

Source: LemnaTec website

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