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Measured variables data-analysis
Operating system windows, mac, linux
Licence open-source, freeware
Automation level automated, semi-automated
Plant requirements any
Export formats csv, Excell, txt
Other information Data analysis pipeline. Not strictly working on images

Scientific article(s)

MVAPP – Multivariate analysis application for streamlined data analysis and curation.
Magdalena Julkowska,Stephanie Saade,Gaurav Agarwal,Ge Gao,Yveline Pailles,Mitchell Morton,Mariam Awlia,Mark Tester
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MVApp is meant to streamline the data analysis that is common in many biological studies - especially when screanning large populations such as diversity panels or comparing multiple mutant lines to wild type. Our App empowers you to easily perform:

  • Fitting the curves using simple functions (linear, quadratic, exponential and square root) as well as by fitting cubic and smoothed splines
  • Automatically detect the outliers based on all traits or single trait
  • Perform summary statistics on the data with / without the outliers
  • Automatically determine whether your data is normally distributed and the variances between your samples are equal
  • Examine your data for significant effects of the Genotype, Treatment or any other independent variable you wish
  • Examine the correlations for all traits as well as for subsets of your data and easily determine the correlations that are changing depending on the Genotype, Treatment or any other selected independent variable.
  • Perform PCA analysis, examine which traits are contributing significantly to the most informative PCs and retrieve the coordinates of your samples.
  • Perform Multidimentional Scaling to detect the patterns in your data based on the relationships between your samples
  • Cluster your samples based on the selected traits and perform cluster validation analysis.
  • Use Quantile Regression to explore how individual phenotypes contribute to traits of major interest in different quantile classes

Source: MVApp Website

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