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Measured variables venation, surface, length
Operating system windows
Licence open-source, freeware
Automation level automated, semi-automated
Plant requirements any
Export formats csv
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phenoVein - A tool for leaf vein segmentation and analysis
Jonas Bühler, Louai Rishmawi, Daniel Pflugfelder, Gregor Huber, Hanno Scharr, Martin Hülskamp, Maarten Koornneef, Ulrich Schurr, Siegfried Jahnke
Plant Physiology, 2015 View paper

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PhenoVein is dedicated to automated segmenting and analyzing leaf veins of images acquired with different imaging modalities (microscope, macro photography, etc.) including options for comfortable manual correction. Advanced image filtering emphasizes veins from the background and compensates for local brightness inhomogeneities. The most important traits being calculated are total vein length, vein density, piecewise vein lengths and widths, areole area and skeleton graph statistics like the number of branching or ending points. For the determination of vein widths, a model based vein edge estimation approach has been implemented.

Source: Plant Physiology

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