Noah Fahlgren, Max Feldman, and Malia Gehan @ Danforth Center


Measured variables shape, color, width, height, convex-hull
Operating system mac, windows, linux
Licence open-source
Automation level automated
Plant requirements any
Export formats sqlite, csv, png, svg
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Scientific article(s)

PlantCV v2: Image analysis software for high-throughput plant phenotyping
Malia A. Gehan, Noah Fahlgren, Arash Abbasi, Jeffrey C. Berry, Steven T. Callen, Leonardo Chavez, Andrew N. Doust, Max J. Feldman, Kerrigan B. Gilbert, John G. Hodge, J. Steen Hoyer, Andy Lin, Suxing Liu, César Lizárraga, Argelia Lorence, Michael Miller, Eric Platon, Monica Tessman, Tony Sax
PeerJ, 2017 View paper

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PlantCV is a flexible image processing and analysis package written in Python. PlantCV was built to analyze high-throughput phenotyping images from a commercial platform, but has also been used to analyze images from small custom imaging stations. PlantCV is an open-development resource and the community is encouraged to contribute.

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