Measured variables length, shape, topology
Operating system mac, windows
Licence open-source, freeware
Automation level semi-automated
Plant requirements any
Export formats txt
Other information requires MatLab

Scientific article(s)

RhizoChamber-Monitor: a robotic platform and software enabling characterization of root growth
Jie Wu, Qian Wu, Loïc Pagès, Yeqing Yuan, Xiaolei Zhang, Mingwei Du, Xiaoli Tian, Zhaohu Li
Plant Methods, 2018 View paper

Similar tools

Other tools for the analysis of root-system:


PlantRoot is a customized image processing software was developed to analyze the spatio-temporal dynamics of root growth from time-course images of multiple plants. This software can quantify overall growth of roots and extract detailed growth traits (e.g. dynamics of length and diameter) of primary roots and of individual lateral roots automatically. It can also identify local growth traits of lateral roots (pseudo-mean-length and pseudo-maximum-length) semi-automatically.

Source: Plant Method article

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