Smart Image Technology


Measured variables surface, shape, venation, n-ribs
Operating system windows
Licence commercial
Automation level automated
Plant requirements any
Export formats excell
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SIMAGIS® MesoPlant™ is an automated complex for image analysis of plants’ photosynthesis apparatus. SIMAGIS® MesoPlant™ software is based upon the algorithms for image improvement, transformation and morphometry, and also upon the cells' stereological reconstruction algorithms. The complex is designed for use both in laboratory and in the field. SIMAGIS® MesoPlant™ consists of three sections: - "MACRO" for leaf lamella analysis and tree crowns analysis; - "MESO" for the analysis of leaf tissues; - "MICRO" for the analysis of leaf cells and analyzing stomata in epidermis of plant leaves. SIMAGIS® MesoPlant™ collects systematic data for the sample: number of the sample; sample code; species code; genus; species and conditions of sampling. Useful features of the software: - exports measured data to spreadsheet; - visualizes user instructions for every step.

Modified from: SIMAGIS website

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