Measured variables height, surface, color
Operating system windows
Licence commercial
Automation level automated
Plant requirements monocot
Export formats unknown
Other information Phenotyping platform from CropDesign

Scientific article(s)

TraitMill: a Discovery Engine for Identifying Yield-enhancement Genes in Cereals
Christophe Reuzeau, Jan Pen, Valerie Frankard, Joris de Wolf, Rindert Peerbolte, Willem Broekaert, Wim van Camp
Plant Gene and Trait, 2011 View paper

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The TraitMill platform is a high-throughput technology developed by CropDesign that enables large-scale transgenesis and plant evaluation. The TraitMill is a highly versatile tool for testing the effect of genes and gene combinations on plant phenotypes. It can be used to successfully evaluate hundreds of independent promoter-genes combinations per year, either under optimal growth conditions or under different abiotic or nutrient stress regimes. The TraitMill platform operates in rice and is specially designed to measure alterations in growth with high sensitivity.

Source: CropDesign website

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