Delta-T Devices


Measured variables disease, surface
Operating system windows
Licence commercial
Automation level semi-automated
Plant requirements any
Export formats unknown
Other information -

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The WinDIAS leaf area measurement system can measure percentage diseased leaf area, making it ideal for plant pathology, agronomy, plant physiology and forestry. - Advanced leaf area meter + perimeter, length, width, object count and more - Measures healthy, diseased and pest-damaged area - Optional conveyor for high throughput - Choice of camera or scanner systems Delta-T Devices was one of the first companies to develop leaf imaging technology for disease area estimation with a forerunner of WinDIAS leaf area meter being launched in the early 1980's. With the latest updated WinDIAS 3 Leaf Image Analysis System we have built on our expertise and mades use of newly available camera technology to improve image quality, ease of use, and general performance.

Source: Régent Instruments website

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