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Measured variables fluorescence
Operating system windows
Licence on-demand
Automation level automated
Plant requirements any
Export formats SQL database
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Scientific article(s)

Simultaneous phenotyping of leaf growth and chlorophyll fluorescence via GROWSCREEN FLUORO allows detection of stress tolerance inArabidopsis thalianaand other rosette plants
Marcus Jansen, Frank Gilmer, Bernhard Biskup, Kerstin A. Nagel, Uwe Rascher, Andreas Fischbach, Sabine Briem, Georg Dreissen, Susanne Tittmann, Silvia Braun, Iris De Jaeger, Michael Metzlaff, Ulrich Schurr, Hanno Scharr, Achim Walter
Functional Plant Biology, 2009 View paper

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GROWSCREEN-Fluoro is an automated imaging pipeline designed to automatically analyse the chlorophyll fluorescence of rosette plants.

Source: GROWSCREEN-Fluoro website

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