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Measured variables length, insertion-angle, n-branches
Operating system windows
Licence on-demand
Automation level semi-automated
Plant requirements any
Export formats unknown
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GROWSCREEN-Rhizo is a novel phenotyping robot enabling simultaneous measurements of root and shoot growth for plants grown in soil-filled rhizotrons
Kerstin A. Nagel, Alexander Putz, Frank Gilmer, Kathrin Heinz, Andreas Fischbach, Johannes Pfeifer, Marc Faget, Stephan Blossfeld, Michaela Ernst, Chryssa Dimaki, Bernd Kastenholz, Ann-Katrin Kleinert, Anna Galinski, Hanno Scharr, Fabio Fiorani, Ulrich Schurr
Functional Plant Biology, 2012 View paper

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GROWSCREEN-Root is a image-based software, which allows the automatic analysis of root architecture. Images of whole root systems grown in agar-filled Petri dishes are acquired with a CCD-camera. The key element of the software is the extraction of a tree model for root system. The following parameters can be determined automatically and shown in a false-color image: - length of primary root - total length of lateral roots - number of lateral roots - angle of branching, which represents the angle between a primary root and branched lateral roots.

Source: GrowthScreen-Root website

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