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Measured variables length, curvature
Operating system mac, windows, linux
Licence freeware
Automation level semi-automated
Plant requirements any
Export formats txt
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Scientific article(s)

Nuclear Phytochrome A Signaling Promotes Phototropism in Arabidopsis
C. Kami, M. Hersch, M. Trevisan, T. Genoud, A. Hiltbrunner, S. Bergmann, C. Fankhauser
THE PLANT CELL ONLINE, 2012 View paper

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Hypophen is an open-source software enabling the semi-automatic phenotyping of growing seedlings from time-lapse images. More precisely, it computes and records the elongation and bending of the seedlings. It is semi-automatic in the sense that manual calibration, verification and adjustments are sometimes needed. For an experienced user, it allows a throughput of about 50 images of 20 hypocotyls in about 10 minutes, given a reasonable image quality.

Source: HypoPhen website

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