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Measured variables growth, orientation
Operating system windows, mac, matlab
Licence freeware
Automation level automated, semi-automated, manual
Plant requirements any
Export formats excell
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Scientific article(s)

HYPOTrace: Image Analysis Software for Measuring Hypocotyl Growth and Shape Demonstrated on Arabidopsis Seedlings Undergoing Photomorphogenesis
L. Wang, I. V. Uilecan, A. H. Assadi, C. A. Kozmik, E. P. Spalding
PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 2009 View paper

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HypoTrace takes time series of image files as input and output growth rate as well as hook angle measurements for Hypocotyls. The software comes with a build-in Graphical User Interface, which allows the software to be run under three modes: - Automatic mode with no user intervention, good for high quality images; - Semi-Auto mode with a little bit user intervention, good for fair quality images; - Manual mode, work for all images including really bad quality images. The three modes are designed to effectively detect the cotyledons bifurcation point under all conditions.

Modified from: HypoTrace website

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