Zoe Getman-Pickering and Adam Campbell


Measured variables surface, damages
Operating system ios
Licence open-source, freeware
Automation level semi-automated
Plant requirements any
Export formats csv, google sheet
Other information

Similar tools

Other tools for the analysis of leaf:


LeafByte measures leaf area and herbivory quickly and accurately. Take a picture of a leaf and a scale to measure total leaf area and leaf area consumed.

  • Saves your data in a convenient spreadsheet on your phone or in Google Drive
  • Analyzes leaves of almost any size or shape
  • Uses freehand drawing to reconstruct missing leaf margins
  • Can measure dark plant material (such as leaves) on a white background or light plant material (such as petals) on a dark background
  • Reads and records all major barcodes
  • Automatically corrects skew in photos taken at an angle

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