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Measured variables shape, growth, surface
Operating system windows, mac, linux, matlab
Licence freeware
Automation level semi-automated
Plant requirements any
Export formats csv
Other information requires MatLab

Scientific article(s)

LobeFinder: a convex hull-based method for quantitative boundary analyses of lobed plant cells
Tzu-Ching Wu, Samuel Belteton, Jessica Pack, Daniel B. Szymanski, David Umulis
Plant Physiology, 2016 View paper

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LobeFinder is a convex-hull based algorithm to identify lobes, quantify geometric properties, and create a useful graphical output for further analysis. The algorithm was validated against manually curated cell images of pavement cells of widely varying sizes and shapes. The ability to objectively count and detect new lobe initiation events provides an improved quantitative framework to analyze mutant phenotypes, detect symmetry-breaking events in time-lapse image data, and quantify the time-dependent correlation between cell shape change and intracellular factors that may play a role in the morphogenesis process.

Modified from Plant Physiology article

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