Martrack Leaf

Institute of Agricultural Sciences @ ETH Zürich


Measured variables growth
Operating system windows, mac, linux
Licence freeware, open-source
Automation level semi-automated
Plant requirements Dicot
Export formats excell
Other information Requires MatLab

Scientific article(s)

Diel leaf growth of soybean: a novel method to analyze two-dimensional leaf expansion in high temporal resolution based on a marker tracking approach (Martrack Leaf)
Michael Mielewczik, Michael Friedli, Norbert Kirchgessner, Achim Walter
Plant Methods, 2013 View paper

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Martrack Leaf is a novel method for quantitative analysis of dicot leaf expansion at high temporal resolution. Image sequences of growing leaves were assessed using a marker tracking algorithm. An important feature of the method is the attachment of dark beads that serve as artificial landmarks to the leaf margin. The beads are mechanically constricted to the focal plane of a camera. Leaf expansion is approximated by the increase in area of the polygon defined by the centers of mass of the beads surrounding the leaf. Fluctuating illumination conditions often pose serious problems for tracking natural structures of a leaf; this problem is circumvented here by the use of the beads.

Source: BMC Plant Methods

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