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Measured variables length
Operating system windows
Licence freeware
Automation level semi-automated
Plant requirements arabidopsis
Export formats excell, txt
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Scientific article(s)

MyROOT: A novel method and software for the semi-automatic measurement of plant root length
Isabel Betegón-Putze,Alejandro González,Xavier Sevillano,David Blasco-Escámez,Ana I Caño-Delgado
, 2018 View paper

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MyROOT is a novel software for the semi-automatic quantification of root growth of seedlings growing directly in agar plates. Our method automatically determines the scale from the image of the plate, and subsequently measures the root length of the individual plants. To this aim, MyROOT combines a bottom-up root tracking approach with a hypocotyl detection algorithm. At the same time as providing accurate root measurements, MyROOT also significantly minimizes the user intervention required during the process.

Source: biorXiv article

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