McCouch RiceLab @ Cornell University


Measured variables count, length
Operating system linux
Licence on-demand, freeware
Automation level automated
Plant requirements any
Export formats txt, csv
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Scientific article(s)

High-Resolution Inflorescence Phenotyping Using a Novel Image-Analysis Pipeline, PANorama
S. Crowell, A. X. Falcao, A. Shah, Z. Wilson, A. J. Greenberg, S. R. McCouch
PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 2014 View paper

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PANorama is an open-source phenotyping platform which measures multiple architectural and branching phenotypes from images simultaneously. PANorama automatically extracts skeletons from images, allows users to subdivide axes into individual internodes, and thresholds away structures, such as awns, that normally interfere with accurate panicle phenotyping. PANorama represents an improvement in both efficiency and accuracy over existing panicle imaging platforms, and flexible implementation makes PANorama capable of measuring a range of organs from other plant species.

Source: Plant Physiology

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