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Measured variables velocity-profile
Operating system windows, mac, linux
Licence on-demand
Automation level automated
Plant requirements Arabidopsis
Export formats xls, txt, csv
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Scientific article(s)

Estimating the motion of plant root cells from in vivo confocal laser scanning microscopy images
Timothy J. Roberts, Stephen J. McKenna, Cheng-Jin Du, Nathalie Wuyts, Tracy A. Valentine, A. Glyn Bengough
Machine Vision and Applications, 2009 View paper

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This software is designed to estimate the motion of patches of pixels obtained in fluorescence images from a Confocal Laser Microscope. Displacements are reported to 0.1 pixel resolution, and the confidence of these estimates is also reported. PlantVis generates large output files containing the coordinates of tracked pixels, the estimated displacement of these pixels between images, and an estimate of the confidence that these displacements are correct. This output needs to be analysed further – we do this using a series of scripts written in R. This is a very flexible approach, but does require the user to obtain a reasonable degree of proficiency with using R.

Source: PlantVis website

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