Rosette Tracker

Jonas De Vylder @ Universiteit Gent


Measured variables convex-hull, diameter, surface
Operating system mac, windows, linux
Licence freeware
Automation level automated
Plant requirements arabidopsis
Export formats txt, csv, excell
Other information -

Scientific article(s)

Rosette Tracker: An Open Source Image Analysis Tool for Automatic Quantification of Genotype Effects
J. De Vylder, F. Vandenbussche, Y. Hu, W. Philips, D. Van Der Straeten
PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 2012 View paper

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Rosette Tracker is an open source image analysis tool for evaluation of plant-shoot phenotypes. This tool is not constrained by one specific monitoring system, can be adapted to different low-budget imaging setups, and requires minimal user input. In contrast with previously described monitoring tools, Rosette Tracker allows to simultaneously quantify plant growth, photosynthesis, and leaf temperature-related parameters through the analysis of visual, chlorophyll fluorescence, and/or thermal infrared time-lapse sequences. Freely available, Rosette Tracker facilitates the rapid understanding of Arabidopsis genotype effects.

Source: De Vylder et al. (2012) Plant Physiology , 160(3), 1149-59

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