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Measured variables movement
Operating system mac, windows, linux, matlab
Licence open-source, freeware
Automation level automated
Plant requirements Dicot
Export formats txt, png
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Scientific article(s)

TRiP: Tracking Rhythms in Plants, an automated leaf movement analysis program for circadian period estimation
Kathleen Greenham, Ping Lou, Sara E Remsen, Hany Farid, C Robertson McClung
Plant Methods, 2015 View paper

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TRiP is a matlab-based program for estimating circadian period from whole plant image data. TRiP includes a grid-based cropping function that takes each image stack as input and crops the images using grid coordinates to output image stacks for each plant. A motion estimation algorithm is applied to the image stacks and outputs a motion vector for each image over time. The motion vectors are used to estimate circadian period using a single frequency FFT-NLLS method.

Source: TRiP GitHub page

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