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Operating system android
Licence freeware
Automation level automated
Plant requirements Grape
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vitisFlower®: Development and Testing of a Novel Android-Smartphone Application for Assessing the Number of Grapevine Flowers per Inflorescence Using Artificial Vision Techniques
Arturo Aquino, Borja Millan, Daniel Gaston, María-Paz Diago, Javier Tardaguila
Sensors, 2015 View paper

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The Televitis group has developed “vitisFlower”, a free Android Smartphone application that enables the assessment of the number of flowers per inflorescence in grapevines under field conditions, in an automated and reliable way, by image analysis of a simple photo. The acquired image with the detected and calculated number of flowers may be stored with a date-related code. This is one of the first apps for Viticulture worldwide, and it has been developed by the University of La Rioja in collaboration with four SMEs of La Rioja, within the frame of the Vinetics research project. Two possible improvements are already published by the developers, the software update should be in the near future. **Millan, Borja, et al. "Image analysis‐based modelling for flower number estimation in grapevine." Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 97.3 (2017): 784-792.** **Aquino, Arturo, et al. "A new methodology for estimating the grapevine-berry number per cluster using image analysis." Biosystems Engineering 156 (2017): 80-95.**


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