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Measured variables length, width, n-cells, surface
Operating system windows
Licence commercial
Automation level automated
Plant requirements tree
Export formats txt, csv, Excell
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Anatomical wood cell analysis is an alternative to wood density analysis with x-rays (as done with WinDENDRO). Wood density, color, mechanical and chemical properties are in effect related to wood structure which in turns is related to climate. By measuring the radial cells (tracheids) size, distribution and their proportion to walls, wood quality can be assessed. WinCELL measures wood cell morphology on thin wood slices cut with a microtome or, for larger cells like earlywood vessels of deciduous species, directly on wood surfaces. Wood cells morphological data can be measured per annual ring in one or more images per ring with the aid of XLCell, a companion program for data post-processing and visualization.

Source: Régent Instruments website

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