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Measured variables diameter, insertion-angle, orientation, length, n-branches, insertion, topology
Operating system windows, mac, linux
Licence freeware
Automation level semi-automated
Plant requirements mature, seedings
Export formats sql, csv
Other information imagej

Scientific article(s)

A Novel Image-Analysis Toolbox Enabling Quantitative Analysis of Root System Architecture
Guillaume Lobet, Loïc Pagès, Xavier Draye
Plant Physiology, 2011 View paper

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SmartRoot is a semi-automated image analysis software which streamline the quantification of root growth and architecture for complex root systems.
The software combines a vectorial representation of root objects with a powerful tracing algorithm which accommodates to a wide range of image source and quality.
The software supports a sampling-based analysis of root system images, in which detailed information is collected on a limited number of roots selected by the user according to specific research requirements.
SmartRoot is an operating system independent freeware based on ImageJ and uses cross-platform standards (XML, SQL, Java) for communication with data analysis softwares. Modified from: Lobet et al. (2011), Plant Physiology, 157(1) 29-39

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