John R. Porter (University of Copenhagen)


Model category CSM
Plant part Whole_plant
Scale Field
Licence upon_request
Operating system NA
Programming language Fortran
Format of model inputs and outputs NA
Species studied Wheat
Execution environment NA
Modelling environment FAIRDOMHub

Scientific article

AFRCWHEAT2: A model of the growth and development of wheat incorporating responses to water and nitrogen
John R.Porter
European Journal of Agronomy, 1993 View paper

Model description

AFRC-Wheat is a FORTRAN-based mechanistic model that incorporates crop response to water and nitrogen constraints. Model processes include phenological development, partitioning of photosynthesis, growth of leaf and stems, senescence, biomass accumulation, and root system dynamics. The model uses a threshold of accumulated growing degree days above a base and below a ceiling temperature to regulate growth.

Some case studies

Used to investigate the interannual variation in the length of vegetative and floral development and grain filling periods driven by historic climate data. Results of experiments with the AFRC-Wheat model run with climate change can be extrapolated to national-scale crop potential estimations using GIS technology.