TM Dejong, G. Lopez (UCDavis)


Model category FSPM
Plant part Whole_plant
Scale Organs, Whole_plant, Field
Licence upon_request
Operating system Windows
Programming language L
Format of model inputs and outputs Lsystems file
Species studied Peach-tree
Execution environment Stand-alone application

Scientific article

Integrating simulation of architectural development and source–sink behaviour of peach trees by incorporating Markov chains and physiological organ function submodels into L-PEACH
Lopez Gerardo,Favreau Romeo R.,Smith Colin,Costes Evelyne,Prusinkiewicz Przemyslaw,DeJong Theodore M.
Functional Plant Biology, 2008 View paper

Model description

L-PEACH is a computer-based model that simulates the growth of peach [Prunus persica (L.) Batsch] trees. The model integrates important concepts related to carbon assimilation, distribution, and use in peach trees. It also includes modeling of the responses to horticultural practices such as tree pruning and fruit thinning. While running L-PEACH, three-dimensional (3D) depictions of simulated growing trees can be displayed on the computer screen and the user can easily interact with the model. L-PEACH is a powerful tool for understanding how peach trees function in the field environment, and it can be used as an innovative method for dissemination of knowledge related with carbohydrate assimilation and partitioning.

Some case studies

Evaluation of pruning and fruit thinning strategies, incorporation of architecture of different cultivars