Peter Hoefsloot (FAO)


Model category gbCSM
Plant part Whole_plant
Scale Field, Regional, Global
Licence freeware
Operating system Windows
Programming language Pascal
Format of model inputs and outputs CSV files
Species studied Maize, Millet, Tef, Bean, Wheat, Sorghum
Execution environment Stand-alone application

Scientific article

AgroMetShell manual
Mukhala E and Hoefsloot P
, 2004 View paper

Model description

AgroMetShell is based on a water balance model called WABAL, is a crop-specific model designed to simulate soil water balance for individual crops. Using the data from the climate component, the WABAL model produces various water balance variables, such as evapotranspiration, water deficit and water satisfaction index, for the growing season and the different growth stages. Regression models are then built based on these variables to predict crop yields.

Some case studies

Some recent studies using AgroMetShell can be found on the AgroMetShell website (