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Number of images 1500
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In 2017 the maize Genomes to Fields (G2F; https://www.genomes2fields.org/ ) trials in College Station, Texas, were flown using two separate unmanned aerial systems (UAS, i.e. drones) nearly weekly; one UAS was a rotocopter (DJI Phantom 3 Pro with DJI FC300X 12 MP camera)and the other a fixed wing aircraft (Tuffwing UAV Mapper with 24 MP Sony a6000 or MicaSense RedEdge). The College Station 2017 G2F test consisted of 1500 two row plots (250 genotypes x 3 management environments x 2 replicates). , Readme; Flight dates file; Master note sheet; Field map and agronomic information; GCP coordinates; Shapefiles; Raw images; Flight data; Mosaics; Point Clouds; Digital surface model (DSM); Image processing report

Citation :
G2F Maize UAV Data, College Station, Texas 2017. 1.1. Seth C. Murray, Malambo Lonesome, Sorin Popescu, Dale Cope, Steven L. Anderson, Anjin Chang, Jinha Jung, Nathalia Cruzato, Scott Wilde, Ramona L. Walls CyVerse Data Commons. 2019

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