Loïc Pagès (INRA)


Model category FSPM
Plant part Root
Scale Organ, Whole_plant
Licence upon_request
Operating system Windows, Linux
Programming language C, Cpp
Format of model inputs and outputs Text files
Species studied Annual-plants
Execution environment Stand-alone application

Scientific article

Calibration and evaluation of ArchiSimple, a simple model of root system architecture
Loïc Pagès,Carole Bécel,Hassan Boukcim,Delphine Moreau,Christophe Nguyen and Anne-Sophie Voisin
Ecological Modelling, 2013 View paper

Model description

Dynamic and developmental root system model representing the dynamics of the 3D architecture.
Generic model, linked to soil properties and provision of biomass by the shoot system. Simple model with only 20 input parameters.

Some case studies

Merged with other models, like Min3P, Florsys and STICS (see Gérard et al. 2017:

Similar models

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