Adrien Heymans, Valentin Couvreur and Guillaume Lobet (UClouvain)


Model category SPM
Plant part Root
Scale Cells
Licence open_source
Operating system Any
Programming language R
Format of model inputs and outputs xml
Species studied Maize
Execution environment Console, Web-based

Scientific article

GRANAR, a new computational tool to better understand the functional importance of root anatomy
Adrien Heymans,Valentin Couvreur,Therese LaRue,Ana Paez-Garcia,Guillaume Lobet
, 2019 View paper

Model description

Generator of Root ANAtomy in R (GRANAR) is a open-source computational tool that can be used to rapidly generate digital versions of monocotyledon root anatomical networks. GRANAR uses a limited set of root anatomical parameters, easily acquired with existing image analysis tools. The generated anatomical network can then be used in combination with hydraulic models to estimate the corresponding hydraulic properties.

Some case studies

GRANAR enables the quantification of the individual anatomical features effect on the root radial conductivity.

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