Loïc Pagès (INRA)


Model category SPM
Plant part Root
Scale Organ, Whole_plant
Licence upon_request
Operating system Windows, Linux
Programming language C, Cpp
Format of model inputs and outputs Text files
Species studied Perennial-and-annual-plants
Execution environment Stand-alone application

Scientific article

RootTyp: a generic model to depict and analyse the root system architecture
Loïc Pagès,Gilles Vercambre,Jean-Louis Drouet,François Lecompte,Catherine Collet and Jacques Le Bot
Plant and Soil, 2004 View paper

Model description

Dynamic plant model representing root system growth and 3D architecture, from the root segment scale to the whole plant. Roots are grouped into different types, each type being characterized by a set of parameters. The model represents several developmental processes that contribute to the dynamics.

Some case studies

Generic model used to represent a large diversity of plant species

Similar models

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