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Model category FSPM
Plant part Root
Scale Whole_plant, Field
Licence upon_request
Operating system MacOs
Programming language Cpp
Format of model inputs and outputs NA
Species studied Annual-plants
Execution environment Console, Web-based

Scientific article

ROOTMAP — a model in three-dimensional coordinates of the growth and structure of fibrous root systems
Plant and Soil, 1988 View paper

Model description

ROOTMAP is a three dimensional model of root architecture and growth and resource capture. It was modified to enable the simulation of plant growth responses to soil water and nutrient dynamics (N and P), and the interaction of plant roots and soil water and nutrients with soil barriers. Root growth is driven by the feedback between plant demand for belowground resources (N, P and water), and the capacity for individual root segments to supply those resources. This feedback mechanism determines the allocation of assimilates to root tips for growth, and to all root segments for branching, maintenance and nutrient uptake. Using this approach the model can represent whole root system responses to resource supply, as well as localised nutrient uptake and root proliferation responses to localized nutrient patches.

Some case studies

Experimented species : wheat, lupin, ryegrass, pea, any fibrous root system

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