Andrea Schnepf (FZJuelich)


Model category FSPM
Plant part Root
Scale Whole_plant, Field
Licence open_source
Operating system MacOs, Windows, Linux
Programming language Cpp, Python
Format of model inputs and outputs python files, text files, VTP, DGF, RSML
Species studied Annual-plants
Execution environment Console, Web-based

Scientific article

CRootBox: a structural–functional modelling framework for root systems
Andrea Schnepf,Daniel Leitner,Magdalena Landl,Guillaume Lobet,Trung Hieu Mai,Shehan Morandage,Cheng Sheng,Mirjam Zörner,Jan Vanderborght,Harry Vereecken
Annals of Botany, 2018 View paper

Model description

CRootBox is a fast and flexible functional-structural root model that is based on state-of-the-art computational science methods. The focus of CRootBox is the simulation of different types of root architecture, and to provide a generic interface for coupling with arbitrary soil/environmental models, e.g., in order to determine the impact of specific root architectures on function. CRootBox is based on the earlier RootBox code that had been implemented in Matlab, but now has an object oriented implementation which is more flexible and faster so that field-scale modelling became feasible.

Some case studies

14 different species based on published parameters (Schnepf et al. 2018)

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