Alan Di Vittorio, Ryan S. Anderson, and others for the base model Biome-BGC (Lawerence Berkeley National Laboratory)


Model category FSPM, CSM
Plant part Shoot
Scale Organs, Whole_plant, Field
Licence upon_request
Operating system MacOs, Windows, Linux
Programming language C
Format of model inputs and outputs Text files
Species studied Generic-crops
Execution environment Stand-alone application

Scientific article

Development and optimization of an Agro-BGC ecosystem model for C4 perennial grasses
Alan V.Di Vittorio,Ryan S.Anderson,Joseph D.White,Norman L.Miller,Steven W.Running
Ecological Modelling, 2010 View paper

Model description

We added C4 perennial grass functionality and agricultural practices to the Biome-BGC (BioGeochemical Cycles) ecosystem model. This new model, Agro-BGC, includes enzyme-driven C4 photosynthesis, individual live and dead leaf, stem, and root carbon and nitrogen pools, separate senescence and litter fall processes, fruit growth, optional annual seeding, flood irrigation, a growing degree day phenology with a killing frost option, and a disturbance handler that simulates nitrogen fertilization, harvest, fire, and incremental irrigation. To obtain spatially generalizable vegetation parameters we used a numerical method to optimize five unavailable parameters for Panicum virgatum (switchgrass) using biomass yield data from three sites: Mead, Nebraska, Rockspring, Pennsylvania, and Mandan, North Dakota. We then verified simulated switchgrass yields at three independent sites in Illinois. Agro-BGC is more accurate than Biome-BGC in representing the physiology and dynamics of C4 grass and management practices associated with agro-ecosystems.

Some case studies

Validation of an agroecosystem process model (AGRO-BGC) on annual and perennial bioenergy feedstocks (DOI: