Tomato (GroIMP)

V. Sarlikioti, P.H.B. de Visser and L.F.M. Marcelis (Wageningen University)


Model category FPM
Plant part Shoot
Scale Organs, Whole_plant
Licence upon_request
Operating system Any
Programming language Java
Format of model inputs and outputs gsz (zip)
Species studied Tomato
Execution environment Console
Modelling environment GroIMP

Scientific article

Exploring the spatial distribution of light interception and photosynthesis of canopies by means of a functional–structural plant model
V. Sarlikioti,P.H.B. de Visser and L.F.M. Marcelis
Annals of Botany, 2011 View paper

Model description

This model consisted of an architectural static virtual plant coupled with a nested radiosity model for light calculations and a leaf photosynthesis module. Different scenarios of horizontal and vertical distribution of light interception, incident light and photosynthesis can be investigated under diffuse and direct light conditions.

Some case studies

Some recent studies using this model:

- A range of different plant architectural characteristics was tested for two different seasons in order to find the optimal architecture with respect to light absorption and photosynthesis (Sarlikioti et al. 2011;

- A number of illumination strategies were modeled in order to find the optimal illumination in the greenhouse (de Visser et al. 2014;

- A integrating morphological and physiological responses of tomato plants to light quality to the crop level by 3D modeling (Dieleman et al. 2019;