Fernando E. Miguez (Iowa State University)


Model category CSM
Plant part Shoot
Scale Field, Regional
Licence upon_request
Operating system Windows, Linux, MacOs
Programming language C, R
Format of model inputs and outputs NA
Species studied Miscanthus, Sorghum, Willow
Execution environment Console

Scientific article

Modeling spatial and dynamic variation in growth, yield, and yield stability of the bioenergy crops Miscanthus 3 giganteus and Panicum virgatum across the conterminous United States
Fernando E. Miguez,Matthew Maughan,Germán A. Bollero,Stephen P. Long
Bioenergy, 2012 View paper

Model description

BioCro is a model that predicts plant growth over time given climate as input. It uses models of key physiological and biophysical processes underlying plant growth , and has previously been used for predicting biomass yield and leaf area index of switchgrass and miscanthus. BioCro has also been integrated into a suite of tools that link the model directly with crop trait and yield data, streamlining the entire modeling and data collection workflow. The Predictive Ecosystem Analyzer (PEcAn) couples BioCro to the Biofuel Ecophysiological Traits and Yields database, enabling model parameterization and optimization, targeted data collection optimized to reduce uncertainty in model predictions, and the management of informatics and HPC computing resources.

Some case studies