Laar, H.H. van; Goudriaan, J.; Keulen, H. van (Wageningen University)


Model category CSM
Plant part Shoot
Scale Organs, Whole_plant, Field
Licence upon_request
Operating system NA
Programming language FST, Fortran
Format of model inputs and outputs NA
Species studied Wheat
Execution environment NA
Modelling environment Models-Library

Scientific article

SUCROS97: Simulation of crop growth for potential and water-limited production situations. As applied to spring wheat
Laar,H.H. van; Goudriaan,J.; Keulen,H. van
Quantitative Approaches in Systems Analysis, 1997 View paper

Model description

SUCROS1&2 is a mechanistic crop growth model as influenced by environmental conditions. SUCROS2 simulates both potential and water limited growth of a crop, i.e. its dry matter accumulation under resp. ample and rainfed supply of water and nutrients in a pest-, disease- and weed-free environment under the prevailing weather conditions. The rate of dry matter accumulation is a function of irradiation, temperature, crop characteristics and water supply. The basis for the calculation is the rate of CO2 assimilation (photosynthesis) of the canopy; it is a function of incoming radiation and light. SUCROS uses a light response curve (LRC) and it integrates photosynthesis over the day, it integrates photosynthesis over different canopy depths and it distinguishes between direct and diffuse radiation. After substraction of maintenance respiration, growth of leaf, stem, root and storage organs are simulated. Biomass partitioning depends on crop development stage, which is computed as a function of temperature only. With crop specific input parameters different crops can be simulated.

Some case studies

Analysis of field experiments; analysis of impacts of climate change on crop yields